Who We Are

The 1/1 TRC Team is made up of staff members and volunteers at the Human Services Council

Mobility Coordinator: Bill Baumann

Bill Baumann is the Mobility Coordinator for Clark County. He graduated from Western Washington University with a degree in Disaster Reduction Emergency Planning. Bill arranges all of the agreements and upkeep of the Clark County transportation resources and partners. As Mobility Coordinator, he also arranges solutions to meet the unmet transportation needs around Clark County.

Project Lead: Nick Ford

Nick Ford is the lead of the VTCLI Program. He started out as an AmeriCorps VISTA Member in 2013, and organized the planning and implementation of the 1/1 TRC Program as well as the 2013-2014 Transportation Needs Assessment.

In his spare time he plays all kinds of video games, likes to escape out into state and national forests and parks, and is a total transit system nerd.

Media Intern: Katie Gullans

Katie Gullans is the Media Intern for the 1/1 TRC Program. She graduated from Washington State University- Vancouver in Spring of 2015, and is currently working to produce videos and collatoral materials for the program.