Why is Accessible Transportation Important?

  • Thousands of people rely, and depend, on safe and affordable transportation to help them get around their communities and across counties to access basic services that allow them to live independently, reduce isolation and remain active within their communities.
  • Access to transportation services and resources is one of the biggest issues for not only local communities but especially for the senior population, people with disabilities and others who have specialized transportation needs in the Clark, Cowlitz, Grays Harbor, Klickitat, Lewis, Pacific, Skamania, and Wahkiakum Counties.
  • Accessible transportation is a pathway to opportunity. Access to reliable and affordable transportation provides important opportunities in, and for, education, employment, healthcare, housing and social participation within the community.
  • Without accessible transportation, many people simply cannot access, or get to, needed medical services, the workplace, recreation or other basic services, hindering their full participation in society and results in insolation, increased physical and mental health issues and poverty for those who cannot access work.
  • People -- especially seniors, people with disabilities and other at-risk individuals -- need access to safe, affordable transportation that brings employment, healthcare, leisure activities, education, and community life within their reach.
  • Access to affordable and reliable transportation enriches and ensures the quality of lives; it provides those who access transit and community transportation services with a sense of inclusion within the community and an opportunity to socialize.
  • Accessible transportation in rural communities helps people “age in place.” It keeps residents in their hometowns instead of being forced to consider moving to larger metropolitan areas where more specialized medical care and other necessary services are often located.