Mission: To support the community in accessing transportation resources, information and services, and develop partnerships that support accessible mobility options for all.


The Trip Resource Center (TRC) is a program from the Human Services Council. It started in the autumn of 2013 with the awarding of the Veterans Transportation Community Living Initiative (VTCLI) Grant.

First "Program Plan" and "Future Steps" documents were created to set a solid road map for the TRC. 

2013-2014 Southwest Washington Transportation Needs Assessment

The first step to the TRC Program was conducting the 2013-2014 Southwest Washington Transportation Needs Assessment. The findings are being used to develop new transportation options and programs. The surveys were distributed across five counties, and around 600 surveys were collected from around 20 different partners.


TRC Website: This website helps people find transit and human services transportation resources, as well as learn more about the resources that are available in their local communities.

TRC Educational/Outreach: A collection of materials promoting local transportation resources. TRC Staff works closely with local transit and transportation agencies to develop local pamphlets and outreach materials (such as videos and booklets). These media materials help educate all people of their transportation options in and around the region.

TRC Volunteer Program: A volunteer program to help people with one-on-one advice on how to find appropriate transportation options. Different volunteer roles include phone volunteers, email volunteers, and outreach volunteers. See the "Volunteer with Us!" page for opportunities!

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the Trip Resource Center!