Grays Harbor Transit

(360) 532-2770

Grays Harbor Transit is a bus system covering Grays Harbor County, with regional connection to Olympia.  The Grays Harbor Transportation Authority is a County Transportation Authority (CTA), authorized under Chapter 36.57 RCW.  The Grays Harbor Transportation Authority began providing transportation services in June of 1975.

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General Public Dial-A-Ride 

Grays Harbor Transit has four General Public Dial-A-Rides in small rural areas where bus stops are unavailable for same day service.  This service is available to the general public and the Dial-A-Ride vans stay in the city they are designated for.  Riders can use this service to get transportation to various locations in their town or bus stops/stations to transfer to a main line bus for transportation outside the service area.  The  General Public Dial-A-Rides service the following cities:

Elma (Route 146) -- Monday through Friday 7:45 am to 4:45 pm
Montesano (Route 141) -- Monday through Friday 8 am to 4 pm
Ocean Shores (Route 161) -- Monday through Friday 8:15 am to 5:15 pm 
Westport (Route 171) now servicing Tokeland -- Monday through Friday 7:45 am to 4:45 pm 

To schedule a ride on one of these services, contact Grays Harbor Transit Dispatch (360) 532-2770 option 3 at least one hour before your desired trip.


A vanpool is a group of 5 to 15 people who commute together in a comfortable passenger van. We own, maintain, manage, insure and license a fleet of 8-, 12- and 15-passenger vans. These vans are assigned to commuter groups and driven by volunteers who share the commute. You must live at least 10 miles from where you work to start a vanpool.  Vanpool riders pay a low monthly fare based on the number of miles traveled and number of riders. The driver's fare is sometimes free in exchange for operating the van. Some employers even pay part of their employees' van fares!  We can help you locate commuters who want to start or join a vanpool. Call 360-532-2770.

Schedule Method: Just Show Up
Service Type: Fixed Route
Service Areas: Grays Harbor
Service Days: Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat
Service Hours: Hours dependent on route
Accessibility: Bike Rack, Foldable Wheelchair, Powerchair, Scooter, Walker, Wheelchair

Zone 1 - Grays Harbor County
Zone 2 - McCleary-Olympia and Oakville-Centralia


General -- $1

Student/Senior/Disable -- $0.50


General -- $2

Student/Senior/Disable -- $2

Zone 1&2

General -- $3

Student/Senior/Disable -- $2.50


General Public DAR -- $1

Zone1 Monthly Passes

General -- $28

Student/Senior/Disable -- $20

Premium Monthly Passes

General Zone 1&2 -- $63

Student/Senior/Disable Zone 1&2 -- $36

Day Passes Zone 1

General -- $3

Student/Senior/Disable -- $1.50


Discounts for students, seniors, and people with disabilities.