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We are a family owned business proudly serving our community since 2010. Unlike a taxi, we are a service specializing in transportation of individuals with disabilities and senior citizens. Our vehicles are dedicated only to you and your patients. This ensures that our clients get a pleasant and safe journey to and from appointments, every time.

Our team consists of kind, caring and compassionate individuals who are truly dedicated to serving our community. Our team members have clean driving records, are extensively trained, background checked and undergo random drug and alcohol screenings. Best of all, our team knows that big hearts and kind words can make a difference. Everyone on our team truly wants to make a difference and provide the best experience for you and your loved ones.

Our wheelchair accessible vans are ADA compliant and have room for additional attendants. A family member, friend or a caretaker may ride along at no additional cost. If you do not own a wheelchair and wish for our company to provide you with one, please let us know.

Wheelchair Transportation: We offer wheelchair accessible transportation for almost every wheelchair type. Big or small, long or tall, we can help! Our drivers are experts in assisting clients in and out of the vehicle so that you or your loved ones feel safe and comfortable. If you need a wheelchair provided, we can help! If you need us to wait with you or your loved one at an appointment, we can do that, too. Our team works with you in finding solutions for your transportation challenges.

Ambulatory Transportation: We provide ambulatory transportation services for patients who do not need equipment to travel and who are able to walk, or only need basic assistance. This service is available to those who use canes and walkers as well. Our drivers can assist the client in and out of the vehicle and will ensure they get exactly where they need to go. You can also bring someone else along, like a family member or a caregiver at no additional cost. If you need us to stay with you, for an extra fee we can absolutely do that too!

Schedule Method: Call Ahead
Service Type: Door through Door
Service Areas: Clark
Service Days: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat
Service Hours: 4am - 6pm
Accessibility: Foldable Wheelchair, Powerchair, Scooter, Walker, Wheelchair

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Discounts: None