Pacific Transit System - Dial-A-Ride

Dial-A-Ride is a curb-to-curb shared ride service provided through advance reservations providing rides to your medical appointments, grocery store, visiting friends, or anywhere in our Dial-A-Ride service area. 

North County: Raymond-South Bend call 360-875-9418 to make your reservations.

South County: On the peninsula area between Chinook and Oysterville call 360-642-9418 to make your reservations.

How do I Qualify?

To ride on the Dial-A-Ride you must be at least one of the following and be approved after completing the ADA application (see below to download).

  • Be disabled or ADA Certified (non-certified disabled ADA customers will be given a form to fill out for future rides).
  • Be a senior 65 years or older.
  • Coming or going somewhere off the main bus route by more than ¼ of a mile.

Individual case by case enhanced service will be provided to disabled/ADA and seniors when needed. 
ADA Certified passengers have first priority for Dial-A-Ride reservations. They can bump a non-ADA passenger's reserved pick-up time, up to the day before of travel. The bumped passenger will be notified of the change no less than the day before of their reserved time.

30 Minute Window

The Dial-A-Ride can come 15 minutes before or after the scheduled pick-up time.

The Driver will wait only 5 minutes starting from time of arrival. If you do not ride it will count as a "no show."

How do I Reserve A Ride?

We recommend calling the day before your intended pick-up time, as time slots do become filled. Reservations can be made up to 3 weeks ahead of time.

Tips for Scheduling

  • Have ready the date and time you would like to travel. If you have an appointment, be sure to provide the time to the scheduler.
  • Remember to schedule your return trip and specify what time you’d like to return.
  • The earlier you call and the more flexible you are, the more success we will have in fulfilling your trip request.

Cancellation of Reserved Rides

If you must cancel your trip, you must call the office at least one hour prior to your scheduled pick-up time.

Intermittent Stops

If you plan intermittent stops during your travel, you must have advance reservations for drop off and pick-up times. Drivers will not wait for passengers at intermittent stops. Stops must be scheduled at least 30 minutes apart. Times are based on availability. 

Application for ADA Certification

Fill out the entire application and mail to Pacific Transit. Your application will be processed within 1-3 weeks.  Once we have your application in the office you will be temporarily eligible to ride the Dial-A-Ride until a determination is made.  

Download the application here

Schedule Method: Call Ahead
Service Type: Curb to Curb
Service Areas: Grays Harbor, Pacific
Service Days: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat
Service Hours: Hours Dependent on Location
Accessibility: Foldable Wheelchair, Powerchair, Scooter, Walker, Wheelchair

One way trip = $0.35

20 Rides = $7.00 (No Expiration Date)

Reduced Monthly Pass: $10.00 (Senior Citizen/Disabled Persons)

Please have exact change, as drivers do not carry change. 

All passes may be purchased from the drivers or at the Pacific Transit Office at 216 N 2nd Street, Raymond, WA 98577.

Discounts: None